Converting your painting into a digital file for Fine Art Giclee Printing.
We use a traditional large format camera combined with a new, high tech, digital scanning system called "Betterlight" to create a digital/photographic scan of your art work. Photographing watercolor paintings, oil paintings and drawings has been our specialty since 1992. Our extensive experience combined with this digital system produces the best digital image of your artwork that can be made! That's a bold statement, yes, but it is true. Our dedicated Art scanning studio area can easily accommodate paintings up to 48x80 inches and can be expanded (with a special setup fee) to photograph much larger originals. Our largest to date was 60 x190 inches. For very large paintings, Please ask for a quote. Discounts apply when more than one painting of a similar size is scanned at the same time. Prices are for scans up to 24x36 of unframed images. A special setup might be needed for highly reflective or varnished surfaces, we can polarize the light to eliminate reflections. Scan price includes first proof print.
  • 1st Premium Large Format Scan $69.00
  • Adtl. Premium Large Format Scan similar size $48.00
  • size 24x36 to 36x48 add: $20.00
  • size 36x48 to 48x72 add: $40.00
  • larger than 48x72 By Quote
  • Polarized light set up fee: $20.00 (one time charge).
  • Burn images to conventional CD or DVD , Free with order.
  • Burn images to Archival Gold CD $25.00