Terms and Conditions:

This is the section where the company "Giclee4artists" states all it's legal intentions so that nobody is surprised by problems later. If had it my way this page would not be needed at all, but there are some people who make these statements neccessary so here are all the things I can think of right now that need to be stated up front. If you leave a painting or work of art with us or order printing services with us then you agree to these terms:

If a customer leaves a painting or other work of art, at this business we will exercise the utmost caution we can but in the small chance that a customers painting or other work of art is damaged, the customer agrees that the most compensation customer can receive is a replacement cost of only the materials it took to make the painting, or other work of art, in the first place. It is the customer's responsibility to insure the art work. Giclee4artists does not and cannot get insurance on customers works of art. If a customer wants to get insurance on a work of art while on the premises customer must get a qualified appraisal of the art work and buy the insurance.

Unless arrangements are made in advance(and we almost never bill out jobs for future payment) all print jobs require payment upon approval of the final BAT print. Once approval of the final print is made, no further changes can be made. and customer agrees to pay for the entire print run.

If a check is returned by the customers bank for any reason, customer agrees to pay a 20.00 returned check fee. If customer owes payment to Giclee4artists for more than 30 days, customer agrees to pay a late charge of 2% per month on the outstanding balance. Accounts with unpaid balances after 90 days may be sent to a collection agency. Should any customers account go to collection, customer agrees to pay all reasonable court costs, collection fees and attorneys fees.

There is no warrantee for fitness of merchantability. That means: Giclee 4 artists cannot guarantee that your art will sell, we just make good prints, it is up to you the artist to market and sell your art. We are confident in our processes because thousands of artists are sellings prints using the Giclee media process

Even though some of the words sound negative , I must say that Giclee4 artists will always strive to make every customer happy. It is only through happy customers that we can grow and prosper as a business. If you are ever unhappy with a any aspect of a job, speak up right away, we want to please and we will make every effort to fix anything that is wrong.


Tim A Fleming

Giclee Pringint on watercolor paper or canvas